We are currently accepting applications for Editorial, Video Curators, Photography/Videography and Social Media interns. Please contact us and provide a brief description of why you are interested in joining The Special Project Team along with samples of your work.

      Editorial interns are asked to contribute one to two pieces per week — this can be a long-form travel narrative, reportage piece, or short articles that fit within one of our verticals. Interns will receive feedback on their submissions and work closely with the editor and assistant editor in creating relevant content for the site. Special Project Network often features interviews with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, influential people, authors and innovative businesses, which may be assigned to members of the intern team.

Special Project Network may choose to syndicate stories written by interns if the piece(s) fits within the verticals where we generally submit our stories. Social media interns will help us continue to grow our online presence while engaging our readers, friends and colleagues in our community.

  We are also accepting graphic design, videography, social media and marketing interns for Special Project Network.

Check out Special Project and contact if you are interested in becoming part of the team.

Internships are unpaid.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Special Project Network Team